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  • Where can I find the new Mathews warranty form?

    Commencing July 2013, Mathews has intergrated a new Warranty Policy. Below you can find attachment links to the newly regulated policies. We kindly ask you to use the attached forms when you have purchased a Mathews product and would like to acquire warranty there upon. The forms deem to be completed correctly with all required fields being filled with accurate information, this is to avoid any miscommunications in the warranty process and/or eventual claims. Besides this, Mathews requires photos of the rupture and the serial number. This in order to check the warranty request. The information provided in the forms including the required images of the serial number and rupture, are critical for a speedy process in the warranty request period. Misinformation and/or incomplete forms will result in e-mail and telephone correspondence to verify and complete the information check. This of course results in unnecessary delays in the warranty process.

    Please be aware that photos of the rupture and the serial number must be included.

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