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The Hoyt 2019 products are here!

The Hoyt 2019 products are here!

Hoyt 2019 is here!


The new Formula X riser headlines the recurve product releases. This top-level tournament recurve is optimised for a classic 25”riser length, and utilises Hoyt’s ultra-stable, podium topping formula limb fitting. Micro adjustable dovetail and tiller blocks and the VertaTune clicker plate combine to allow for unbeatable precision tuning. The balance of the riser sees a change from last year’s Faktor models, and the incredibly clean shot feeling is immediately noticeable. For those that loved the customization and of the intergrated riser weights, this upgrade also fits the Formula X.

Other risers are a carry over from last year. Both Epik and Alero models stay in the catalogue in 25”, but now there are new colours available as Hoyt’s range of target colours sees some changes. New for 2019 is Gold Medal, Rally Green and Slate colour options.

To go with the top end risers, the new Velos Series is the latest in highest performance recurve limbs. Available in both Formula and Grand Prix (ILF) fitting, a bamboo core provides speed and a smooth draw. A new narrower design and improved wedge combine mean the limb is stable, while still providing the fastest performing recurve limb Hoyt have ever produced.

For the traditional and hunting recurve market the Satori remains the go to model, but Velos Traditional limbs bring an upgrade to 2019 technology to this. Velos Traditional limbs are available in black colour only with Grand Prix (ILF) fitting and 5lb weight increments.

Compound Target

While the Prevail models still headline the compound target range, for those who look for a little more speed from their bow, the ProForce is now available in an FX model. With its compact 32.75” axle to axle length and almost 10fps faster than its “bigger brother” the FX caters to draw lengths down to 25”. Both the ProForce and Double XL models see minor upgrades to cable splitter and stealth shot.

Compound Hunting

The REDWRX range sees three new models for 2019. The RX-3, RX-3 Turbo and RX-3 Ultra all use carbon riser technology for a lighter mass weight – a big plus not only for hunters but those looking for a lighter bow for all uses. The all new cams give not only the smoothest, but also the fastest bow speeds from Hoyt to date. A custom tune grip allows the archer to match the grip to their shooting style, for consistent pressure and improved accuracy.

There is also a new aluminium riser – the Hoyt Helix. The Hoyt Helix and the Helix Ultra both feature a new riser design, keeping the weight forward for a really stable feel throughout the shot cycle. Packed with noise reducing technology, you can count on a quiet shot every time. Both Helix models are available in a range of black and camo colour options, or special order target limb options.

New for 2019 is a new camo: Gore Optifade Elevated II, and Storm, a durable, matt grey finish.


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