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NEW | Stan Heavy Metal PerfeX

NEW | Stan Heavy Metal PerfeX

With more people choosing for brass release aids, it will be good news to many that Stan have launched their popular PerfeX releases in brass, Heavy Metal Editions. Medium and Large long neck models are now in stock! Resistance and trigger activated models make the perfect pair for tournament and training, both in highly customisable designs that can be made to give the same fit in your hand for a perfect anchor. Read more below about all the

The PerfeX Resistance Heavy Metal
PerfeX Resistance releases feature consistent resistance action. Perfect for those looking  to improve shooting form or work on target panic, the PerfeX is highly adjustable with interchangeable grip and customisable thumb position.

The PerfeX Thumb Heavy Metal
A classic thumb release the PerfeX Thumb is designed to be a perfect fit to any hand. Long neck design gives good clearance when attaching to a D-loop, while interchangeable thumb posts and adjustable trigger angle give almost endless options to achieve a perfect release.

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