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Monthly Product Update | December Edition

Monthly Product Update | December Edition

The last month of 2018 does not disappoint, with this product update full of new items including limbs from Win&Win, vanes from Bohning and great products from Arc Systeme. There are some gems on the sale pages from MK Korea and Ozark and new stocks of major brand Mathews. Read more below!

Win&Win Wiawis NS-G & CX7 Limbs
The newest high-performance limbs from Win& Win are now in stock. Manufactured to the highest standards, and subject to rigorous testing the Wiawis NS-G and Wiawis CX7 limbs are developed with winning technology. Even more W&W news, we expect the first shipment of the new Wiawis TFT-G and Wiawis CX7 risers in mid-January so make backorders now and get them first!

Bohning Zen Vanes
Bohning are one of the industry leaders in plastic vanes, and their latest product is now in stock! These 4" Zen Vanes are great for providing improved clearance on larger diameter indoor shafts and are already trusted by some great archers. Pair these 4" vanes with some of Bohning's fletching tools to build a great arrow!

Mathews TRX 38
A new shipment of Mathews TRX 38 just came in. For now there are quite a few in stock, but don't wait too long to order as we expect these to go fast! For 2019 the complete TRX range features an updated, angled grip design for even better shooting. Limited stocks of the TRX 7 are also available, while other TRX models are expected late January.

MK Korea Alpha
The popular MK Korea Alpha riser has a new, improved finish for 2019, but last stocks of the earlier version are now available on our sale pages. Get this great looking riser that has the added bonus of taking ILF or formula fitting limbs with 15% off while stocks last. Limited stocks of the new model are already available - with more coming in late January.

Arc Systeme Gravity Stabilizers
Arc Systeme's premium Gravity Stabilizers are new at JVD. Designed by fantastic engineers and top archer PJ Deloche, the high-density carbon makes these some of the stiffest rods on the market, while small diameter, 15mm size reduces wind drift. Also from Arc Systeme, the new l'Attendeux release aid is expected next week!

Ozark Feathers
For those that want to give their arrows a new look for the new year, now is the time, with Ozark feathers now 10% off! Available at this great price until January 20th choose from a great range of colours, sizes and shapes.

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