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3D Fever | 3D Targets and More

3D Fever | 3D Targets and More

 Summer season means 3D Archery Season! We have made a selection of useful products. Starting with 3D targets from brands like 3Di, Eleven, SRT that are great to either add to your archery range or for those that are new to 3D archery.

Also, you'll find arrows that are optimal for 3D archery from brands like Black Eagle, Easton and Victory. Lastly, we selected some accessories to be able to shoot in all weather conditions. Find an overview of all the essentials below!

3Di Targets:

3Di offers 3D targets that are fun to shoot at and when set up accordingly these can be a challenge to shoot at.

Eleven 3d Deer:

This large (109x118x24) target is made from Eleven's foam material witch makes pulling out your arrows a lot easier.

SRT Rocky Mountain Sheep:

This beautiful large (97x90x32) foam target from SRT has been made as true to nature as can be by SRT.

Easton Superdrive 23:

After the succes of the past Superdrive series, Easton offers the Superdrive 23 to bring their podium proven formula to a World Archery legal sized 3D arrow.

Victory Carbon Trad:

This arrow from Victory is perfect for those archers that want the advantages of carbon arrows but the looks of a traditional wooden arrow.

Black Eagle PS23:

Looking for line cutting capabilities? Look no further. Black Eagle offers the PS23 for those 3D shooters that are looking for a bigger arrow in a lighter package.

JVD Umbrella:

Perfect for when the weather isn't that great but you just can't resist to shoot outside!

JVD Hunting Stool:

The perfect backpack to bring extra stuff with you on the course. It has loads of pockets for organizing your equipment.

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