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Sunshine Sale | Shocq Competitor Riser

Sunshine Sale | Shocq Competitor Riser

Shocq have a wide range for archers looking for a balanced price / quality ratio. The Shocq Competitoris a great alternative metal riser for many wooden bows on the market. Typical of this model is the ability to add limbs from other models and brands. Don't miss our Sunshine Sale of 10% discount on this riser.

Depending on your preferred bow length, you can add 66, 68 of 70 inch limbs from the following models Black Sheep Apollo Black Sheep Rocketand Shocq Record to this 22" Shocq Competitor handle. This will decrease your bow length by two inches.

This Shocq solid metal riser is more stable and durable than a wooden riser. The Shocq Competitor handle offers a secure screw fitting to easily attach the possible different limbs onto this riser. 


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