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TRU Ball Goat | Now in stock at JVD!

TRU Ball Goat | Now in stock at JVD!

TRU Ball Goat | Now in Stock!

The TRU Ball Goat is now in stock after being presented to the big audience at the World Cup in Berlin. Developed in collaboration with professional archer Reo Wilde, The Goat is the first release from TRU Ball that offers both a back-tension and a thumb activated release together in one single release aid.

Want to know more about its features? Please check out the info below!

Key Features of the TRU Ball Goat:

Separate micro-adjust settings: Both the trigger and back-tension settings can be micro adjusted independently. As these settings are controlled separaretly the changes you make to one type doesn't affect the other.

Locking screws: Your personal settings will be kept – even when transforming to the other type of release aid – with the help of the locking screws. They also prevent that you engage the trigger release when using the back-tension hinge and vice versa.

Nickel plated brass: Due to the positive feedback of the archers in the field on the use of brass material in the past, TRU Ball made half of the release of nickle plated brass for some added weight in the hand of the archer.

Multi-position thumb barrel: The thumb barrel that is used to engage the trigger is easily adjustable. Every archer will be able to find their perfect position.

Ultra-flex fit system: In order to benefit optimally from the improved ergonomics of the Goat, it is possible to adjust the 3rd and/or 4th finger location with the Ultra Flex Fit System. Adjusting the angle of this part of your release makes it fit your hand comfortably and will provide the best shooting experience.

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