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Grizzly Strings | Handmade Quality Products

Grizzly Strings | Handmade Quality Products

Grizzly Strings | Handmade Quality Products

“I’m Jim, although they tend to call me Grizzly Jim these days. Is it because I’m grumpy? Because I have the strength of a bear? Because I once went on a peyote-fuelled vision quest with a shaman and discovered my spirit animal? Although there may be truth in all of those, well apart from the peyote. I have no idea, in all honesty, it’s probably just because I have a beard.” – Grizzly Jim, Just a guy that loves Archery.

Grizzly Jim is a well-known figure in the instinctive archery world. He has been shooting bows for over 30 years and has been spreading his knowledge about traditional archery through his YouTube channel and website. His passion has driven him to create the high-end quality handmade strings: Grizzly Strings.

We are happy to inform you that JVD Archery is now offering the Grizzly Strings form Grizzly Jim. All features of his signature strings are in this email!

All strings are handmade by Grizzly Jim himself. The strings feature an extra long splice to improve shock absorption, a Flemish twist to ensure the smoothest shooting and lowest sound, and a pre-stretch at 250 Lbs. This ensures that the strings don't stretch on the bow anymore and are ready to be shot - straight out of the package.

Moreover, Grizzly Jim applies the best-quality wax in 3 stages to ensure the string is perfectly protected against the elements and guarantee repeatable results in all weather conditions.

Grizzly Strings are available in 2 different versions: the Longbow string and the Recurve string. Both are suitable for bows up to 60lbs and come in a 14 strands thickness.

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