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PSE Supra Focus

PSE Supra Focus

NEWSFLASH:PSE released their first bow for 2019 called the Supra Focus
PSE re-engineered their previous models of the successful Supra Series to provide improved shooting ability and optimize the ease of aiming. All to keep the focus where it needs to be!

Our first shipment is on its way! Check out the available models on the product page.

This re-designed Supra Focus contains a deflexed riser to give it a rock-solid stance and a reduced pin float for better aiming. Combined with the new shorter and wider target limbs, the Supra Focus is a solid shooting platform.

The PSE Supra Focus weighs 4,7lbs and comes in a 37"axle to axle length with a 7" brace height. It comes equipped with PSE SE Cam which offers a draw range of 27"to 31,5" and gives the Supra Focus a speed of 328 fps (ATA) / 320 fps (IBO). The SE Cam offers alet-off of 65% or 75%. 

The Supra Focus is available in wide range of colours, Black Cherry, Black Admiral Blue, Gold, Green, Purple, Polished Titanium, Pearl White, Rich Bronze, Rose Gold, Sky Blue and Satin Mercury. For now PSE will be offering the Supra Focus in RH only!

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