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Victory 204 Hours Blow Out

Victory 204 Hours Blow Out

We want to inform you about our 204 Hours Blowout Sale for the RIP 204 V6 Shafts and Fletched Arrows! During 204 hours you will get 35% discount on regular prices. The Victory R.I.P. combines the speed and penetration of the VAP and the durability of the VForce. Your 204 hours of ordering start now!*

The RIP 204 V6 Shafts and Fletched Arrows have features that are typical for Victory products.

Victory's technologies like Maxxke Technology, Spine Aligned and Matched Weight increase accuracy and shot consistency. Furthermore, ICE Nano Ceramic Coating, Shoke Outsert technology will help to improve the penetration.

For more info on Victory RIP 204 V6 Sport click here.

*The orders will be passed through to the supplier only after the full 204 hours have passed. This means that your order can be expected from the beginning of September.

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