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Bear | New stock

Bear | New stock

If you haven't checked out the 2019 compound range from Bear yet, now is the time! Learn more about their latest target bow, the newest updates to the popular Kuma range and their great new bow packages. Crossbow fans wont be disappointed as Bear also renewed their crossbow range with their new Bear X range. See what there is in stock now!

Bear have made a target bow before, but now there is a new model - featuring a sleek look and coming in at a great price point. The Revival is a performance bow built for accuracy, with a stable 37.5" axle to axle and smooth draw cam.

The Kuma 30 is the flagship model for 2019, giving the best of the original Kuma but in a shorter and lightweight package. For longer drawlengths, the all-new Kuma LD works for drawlengths up to 32". Also available for 2019 is a new Alpine colour option.

In a convenient package including  Trophy Ridge accessories the Cruzer is adjustable from 5 to 70lbs and drawlengths from 12 to 30 inches

The Approach HC features hybrid cam design for high performance and a smooth draw. This great value bow is now available as a package!

The Bear X Crossbow range features a great combination of performance and an value. Check out their pistol and full size compound models on our website.

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