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Monthly Product Update from JVD | March Edition

Monthly Product Update from JVD | March Edition

Catch up on the latest product news this March - new products, latest deliveries and great sale items! All from popular brands such as ShrewdShocqFairweatherRavin and more!

Excalibur Crossbows
We have new models from Excalibur now available. The biggest name in recurve style crossbows, Excalibur bows are easy to maintain and offer simple and reliable design. With models offering speeds up to an incredible 440fps, you don't need cams for some of the highest speed ratings currently on the market!

Cartel CX-250 Stabilizer Sets
The Cartel CX-250 stabilizers are now available in complete sets that can be picked up for a great price. Sets comprise of long rod, two side rods and an extender. The perfect starter set for any archer!

Atlas Mount
The Shrewd Atlas mounts have arrived! Highly anticipated, these stabilizer mounts offer unique design features for a great stabilizer set up. Single and double mount available in matte or gloss finish. Complete the look with Onyx or  Revel rods!

Fairweather Tab
We recently had a new shipment of  Fairweather Tab components. Loved by many of the biggest names in the sport, Fairweather tabs are completely customizable for an amazing fit.

Podium Peep
The new  Podium Peep from Specialty Archery is in! This premium peep has a full range of interchangeable inserts, clarifiers and verifiers to get the perfect sight picture. One of the most adaptable peeps on the market!

Flex-Fletch Flex2 Vanes
The new  Flex-Fletch Flex2 Vanes are in. An upgrade to Flex-Fletch's tried and trusted design, the Flex2 material is even stronger and more durable! For fans of the original product, last stocks are still available on our sale pages.

Ravin R26 & R29
When the Ravin R29 first came in a few weeks ago, they sold out in no time, but the good news is they are back in stock! The R26 model is expected 22nd March. Both models are compact, fast and include a great range of accessories.

Shocq Sale Items
There are a selection of Shocq products on sale with huge discounts! Get up to 40% off on on beginner target bowstraditional bows and accessories

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