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IMPORTANT News | JVD Archery will be Hoyt’s Exclusive & Official European Distributor

IMPORTANT News | JVD Archery will be Hoyt’s Exclusive & Official European Distributor

We are extremely excited to inform you about upcoming changes in the European distribution of Hoyt products. Hoyt has been a market leader in both compound and recurve bows in the international archery market for decades. This has been a direct result from creating strong product demand, high customer satisfaction, innovative product technologies, tournament and personal success on every level and a very extensive network of retailers that has been available to meet the demand of the international archery community, both offline and online.

 With over 40 years of experience in archery, JVD is well-known for its Product range, Service, Innovation, Performance, and Leadership. Partnering with Hoyt at the highest level is what we believe is the recognition of hard work, dedication and determination throughout the years. All which could not be possible without the help and support of you.

Growing and supporting the archery market like Hoyt has been doing in many ways for decades, matches our company’s strategies perfectly. We are eager to facilitate the market with the best products, service and support. The next couple of weeks we will be contacting all dealers to share the plans we foresee. We will do our utmost to create a situation where you as a dealer will benefit from the change in distribution.

In the meanwhile JVD Archery and Hoyt will try to create high product availability for the exciting new 2019 models at the time of general product introduction date to ensure that dealers will have products in their shops as close to this date as possible. The new model year will start in the first part of November.

We want to thank all dealers that have supported and sold Hoyt products throughout the years. We expect to create many next level partnerships with selected high quality dealers that acknowledge great opportunities in the Hoyt brand and revised distribution model.

Please look forward to more updates and communication on this extremely important topic in the next few weeks and months.

On behalf of a proud JVD Team,                 

Johan van Drunen    
Owner & CEO                                     

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