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Corporate Social Responsibility | JVD

Corporate Social Responsibility | JVD

It goes without saying that at JVD Archery, we are very passionate about the archery industry. We aim to provide you with the newest and best products, services and advice, to push the industry forward into the future. Furthermore, we are investing in corporate social responsible initiatives for our business, team and community! Read about these initiatives below.

Solar panels
Our solar panels generated 230,777 tons of kWh last year. That corresponds to 65,936 years of charging your phone!

LED lighting
With our LED lighting, we now use 66% less energy - equal to the yearly energy consumption of 15 households.

Coffee beans & Coffee cups
We use sustainable coffee beans and cups. These coffee cups are recycled into toilet paper.

Standing desks & Desk bikes
Installing 2 standing desks and desk bikes are helping our staff achieving the recommended 30 mins of daily exercise.

Cycle to work day
We participate in "cycle to work day" to help improve environmental and personal health, with a record of 18.7 km!

Blood donors
We urge our employees to become blood donors, saving and increasing the quality of lives. We already have 2 registered donors in a short period of time!

JVD Open
We invest in the archery community, giving a place to promote the sport, and bring archers, suppliers and retailers together with the JVD Open.

Through all these activities, JVD Archery wants to contribute to a better environment and better working conditions for our employees, customers and all other included parties.

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