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HOYT 2020 Target Bows

HOYT 2020 Target Bows

Just in case you've missed it: Hoyt released their 2020 target bows! Read further below to find out about their brand new products. 


The new INVICTA is the premium target compound from Hoyt. Available in 37" and 40" axle to axle options, and with high performance SVX cams or all new, smooth and forgiving DCX cam.  The interchangable grip system is upgraded for 2020 with even more options, and a new lighter riser design. 

FX Comp
For archer's with shorter draw lengths it can sometimes be hard to find a bow that offers top level performance at their specifications. This is why the new FX Comp is made to perform best at drawlengths between 23-28.5 inches (new DCX cam) or 22-27 (SVX cam). No compromise - just top level performance and a perfect fit.

The 2020 Pro Force is the same bow but now ships as standard with a low let-off module, making it a more attractive option for target shooters.


The new Xceed is an ultra adjustable Grand Prix fitting riser. A range of options are available to customize the balance of the bow with a sleek riser mountable weight system capable of adding up to 32oz of extra weight, or in-pocket weights adding an extra 1.5oz per limb pocket giving great potential in the barebow market. On top of this the new String Tension Technology offers a customizable shot feel beyond anything experienced before. 

Formula Xi
Brady's incredible season this year, ending with his World Cup final win in Moscow showcases the capabilities of the Formula X, but the new Formula Xi model has an extra feature that will certainly be attractive to customers. The new String Tension Technology provides customizable feel through the clicker for any archer's preferred feel with an innovative pocket adjustment system. 

Carbon Integra Limbs
The new Carbon Integra limbs feature a new slimmer design for speed, stability and a forgiving shot. Replacing the Carbon 840s and available in Grand Prix or Formula fitting, the Carbon Integra limb offers great performance at a mid-level price point.



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