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2019 | A year in review

2019 |  A year in review

Before the excitement of the new product launches at the ATA takes over, we want to take another look at some of the products and brands that have joined the JVD Archery product assortment in 2019!

In January we added this stabilizer brand. Now, as we go into 2020, they are favourite of many top level professionals - including Dave Cousins, Mike Schloesser, Casey Kaufold, Braden Gellentien, Tanja Jensen and more. That's quite an endorsement!

Hori-Zone's 2019 models, added in February, included some great reverse draw models. With great performance at a great price, the Hori-Zone range continues to offer something for all crossbow fans.  

Improving our product range for traditional archers, April saw the addition of the brand Superschaft. Their high quality pine or spruce shafts are all made in Europe from sustainable wood with a production process that ensures superior consistency.

In June Axcel moved into a new product category with the launch of the Contour Brady Ellison tab. The first in a range of exciting product additions from this brand that continued throughout the year.

In May we added TopHat's high quality arrow components to our product range. A great upgrade to all brands and types of arrows with an extensive range of nocks, points and bushings for all types or archery - all precision manufactured with the highest quality materials.

In August Easton launched the RX-7, a recurve specific, large diameter indoor arrow - giving those line cutters with an easier tune on recurve bows. This tapered shaft was something new for this legendary arrow manufacturer.

August also saw the addition of Antur. This strong brand manufactures traditional bows. Their attractive range of longbows and recurves offer both style and performance, and are a valuable addition to our product range for fans of traditional archery.

The new target line was launched in September and just a few weeks later Mike Schloesser shot a perfect 600 with his Invicta SVX. Hoyt shooters also beat - and then matched the women's world record at the same event. An impressive start for the brand in the final months of 2019.

Black Eagle
The new Revelation shafts were launched at the Kings of Archery series: JVD Open in November. The Woman's Olympic Recurve title at the recent ISAA Pro-Am was just won with these shafts, and some big names like Toja Ellison recently switched to the brand. There are definately exciting times ahead!

One of the last things to happen in 2019 was the first delivery of the new Win&Win product range in December. Enthusiasm for these products has been high and with 2020 an Olympic year many are expecting great things to come. It is no wonder these have been selling fast!

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