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Monthly Update | May

Monthly Update | May

New Decut products
Recurve archers will be interested in the new products from Decut. The Decut Sius is a great recurve sight with dial windage and elevation adjustment, removable sight pin mount and carbon extension giving tonnes of features for the price point. Also new is the Honor ABS Bowcase - a great solution for carrying up to two recurve bows.

Elite Echelon
The discount on the Elite Echelon just increased, so you can get an even better deal on in stock models of the Echelon 37 and Echelon 39. Popular drawlengths still available so take a look now before they are gone!

Flex Archery I-Winder
The Flex Archery I Winder is a relatively new product in our assortment, so if you haven't checked it out yet take a look! The design accepts serving spools from different brands due to the included adaptors and ensures perfect tension, smooth thread transition and comfort during use.

Stealth Cam G45NGMAX2
The new Stealth Cam G45NGMAX2 is packed with features to ensure the best images possible. Lightning fast trigger times, ultra-clear Sony Imaging technology, blur reduction, 1080P HD video and more combine for a reliable and durable camera that won't miss a picture. Great for hunters and wildlife watchers.

Black Eagle Arrows
Black Eagle Arrows
offer a huge product assortment of carbon arrows for archery of all types. We just had a new shipment arrive so now is a great time to restock as archers start heading back to the shooting field in many places. 

Antur Artus Stripe
This great looking take down recurve is in the spotlight this month. But it's not just looks that make the Antur Artus Stripe stand out, but superior consistency and stability with CNC machined, bamboo laminate limbs secured with a three point attachment system. Read more about this bow and other models in the range on our website.

SRT New shipment
We got a new shipment in from SRT. Their great 3D targets are popular for their detailed designs which give a realistic feel to any 3D course or shooting experience.

Sockx Wrap Aligner
One of the biggest names in arrow wraps have just brought out a new tool to help archers achieve the perfect set of arrows. With the new Wrap Aligner you can make sure your wraps are perfectly straight on the arrow - a factor especially important for those using marked wraps for positioning spin vanes. 

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