Prime Compound Bow Centergy 35 Hybrid


€ 1.195,00 - € 1.265,00
Finish Electrofinish
Brace Height 6.00 inch
Let-off % Max 85.00 %
Material 82X Aluminium
Mass Weight 2041 gram
Cam Type TRK
Poundage Max 40, 50, 60, 80, 65, 70 lbs
Axle to Axle 35 inch
Factory Speed 338 fps
  • Versatile axle to axle length for those who want one bow for all their archery needs
  • Grip placed centrally in the vertical plane of the bow, to hugely alter the balance of the bow above and below the grip and give radically improved aim
  • Design hugely reduces pin movement keeping you steadier on the target
  • Changed weight distribution, with more weight of the bow below the grip, making the bow easier to control
  • TRK Parallel cam provides a smooth draw and solid back wall, with limb or cable stop option
  • Quiet shot with dead in the hand feel
  • Curved riser design eliminates lateral movement
  • Adjustable roller guard to reduce cam lean
  • 82X aluminium for super stiffness
Prime Compound Bow Centergy 35 Hybrid


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RH 60#-28.0" Optifade Elevated II

C3 R 28A 60 ELVT


€ 1.225,00

RH 60#-28.0" Optifade Elevated II

113481-2576 C3 R 28A 60 ELVT
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€ 1.225,00

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