MantisX Shooting Performance System X8


€ 175,00
Colour True Black
  • The Mantis X8 is a smart sensor that attaches to your bow.
  • Thanks to the small size, it is a very portable and powerfull system.
  • It tracks all the movement of the bow while shooting.
  • The Mantis sends the data real time via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet which can be analyzes traces diagnoses.
  • It coaches you on how to improve your shooting technique.
  • The core Mantis records a trace of the movement of the bow before during and after every shot.
  • It measures the deflection of the aim point, scores the stability and maps all the shots wich can help you identify patterns and deficiencies in your shooting.
  • The consistency analysis helps find you outliers and get every bit of granular data that your eye can not see.
  • Target plotting allows the archer to analyze their technique in relation to the target and track scoring progress over time.
  • The Mantis X8 will save all the shooting sessions and tracks your performance over time.
  • The Mantis works on Recurve, Compound and Crossbows.
  • The protective travel case helps protecting the Mantis from any possible damage.
  • The X8 comes with a universal adapter, included in the box.
  • An extra adapter is ideal if you want to use it on multiple bows.

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MantisX Shooting Performance System X8
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€ 175,00

117408-1000 MT-1008
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€ 175,00

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