Mathews Phase4 | All Bite. No Bark.

1 februari 2023

The newest shipment of Mathews flagship Phase4 hunting compounds are just in! Check out the 29" and the 33" versions the most silent hunting bow from Mathews ever. 

Order Now | Phase4

Product Spotlight | Hoyt Altus 35 & 38

12 januari 2023

We are highlighting the go-to bow when you first enter the Hoyt product line, the Altus! They are still going strong with the binary HBT cam that lets you adjust draw length an

  • 35" or 38" axle-to-axle
  • Integrate Rest Mount
  • All-new HBT cam
  • Four striking colours

Bear Archery | Cruzer G3

10 januari 2023

The legacy continues with the latest generation of the Cruzer line - the new Bear Archery Cruzer G3. The G3 brings more performance, adjustability, and practicality than any previous model. It can accommodate draw lengths from 14" to 30" and draw weights from 10lbs to 70lbs. Bow comes complete with a package of accessories. Nearly all versions in stock now and more soon to come!


Product Spotlight | Win&Win ATF-DX Handle & MXT-XP Limbs

4 januari 2023

Win&Win has introduced the newest edition to their legendary recurve line-up: the ATF-DX riser and MXT-XP limbs! The ATF-DX combines the best features from Meta DX and ATF-X to create one of the best recurve risers on the market. Combined with the MXT-XP, this bow is hard to beat!


Product Spotlight | Excalibur Micro Mag 340

27 december 2022

For crossbow shooters looking for a compact and lightweight crossbow that is easy to hold in any posture, the Excalibur Crossbow Micro Mag 340 Recurve Package is in the spotlight this week. Head to our website and order this crossbow today!

Monthly Product Update | December 2022

20 december 2022

The last month of 2022 has come up and we’re rounding up this year with a new Daimond Compound Bow, an Eagle Hosebow in the spotlight and restocked Black Sheep limbs. We also have an (Ho Ho) Hoyt product on sale for december. Go check them out in our Monthly Update below!

With its Binary Cam System and its strategically engineered caged riser the brand new Edge Max Compound Bow Package from Diamond Archery is maximizing the ultimate archery experience for everyone.

In the spotlight is the Eagle Horsebow Dereck 48”. This horsebow suits left and right handed archers and is designed with lighter poundages in mind.

Black Sheep Limbs Apollo are back in stock! They are designed for use with the Black Sheep Apollo riser but also compatible with a range of screw fitting models.

The Hoyt Handle Formula Xi 2022 is on Sale this month. With its innovative pocket adjustment system this highly customizable Hoyt bow is the perfect fit for all serious archers.


Product Spotlight | WNS Motive FX

9 december 2022

Win&Win's WNS Series offers a range of bows, risers, limbs and accessories. The WNS Series MOTIVE FX high-specification riser offers fantastic weight distribution on its rigid and lightweight design. It had seen many podiums up close all over the world. It's available in both 23 and 25 inches and in various colours.


Product Spotlight | Shrewd RevX Stabilizer

7 december 2022

With its RevX series Shrewd offers a high-performance, multi-discipline stabilizer for recurve and compound bows. The internal addition of Shrewd's signature Truss Dampening System combines with the STS carbon to produce a stabilizer with unrivaled dampening abilities.

That's Dampening Designed to Dominate!


Product Spotlight | Easton Indoor Arrows

28 november 2022

Indoor season is in full swing, so it's time to stock up on arrows! We put the spotlight on some of Easton's most popular indoor shafts. Whether your customer is a recurve or compound athlete, regardless of their preference for aluminium or carbon: Easton has got them covered.

Monthly Update November

25 november 2022

This month we hosted the Kings of Archery Series: JVD Open 2022. What an event! We are so happy to see so many of you there, together with all the athletes, suppliers, visitors and anyone involved. We look back on a great event and look forward to making the 2023 edition even better.

Accubow has come out with a new app! The popular training device can be combined with the Accubow app on your smartphone to practice more realistic than ever before.

GILLO Gold Medal has come out with their new Q7 limbs and they are sweet! These carbon-foam limbs match perfectly with the GILLO GT & GX risers, or any other ILF fitting riser. The Q7 is focussed on barebow, with its smooth aiming draw area.

Grab 10% discount on the BSS Trainer Recurve! Practice with your own bow, without the need of a target. Getting your shots in was never this easy.

We have received large shipments of Hori-Zone products. Take a look at the ever popular Redback XR, or the high-performance Rampage! Large stocks available, order now!


Product Spotlight | Mathews TRX 38 G2 with white limbs

23 november 2022

Many clients want their bow to be a little more 'special'. We've heard you. We are carrying the Mathews TRX 38 G2 with white limbs from now on! Grab yours now and put them up in your shop, they'll surely attract attention.

New Brand | Epic Archery

17 november 2022

Epic Archery is here! Earlier this week we added a wide range of Epic products to our website, and they are ready to be ordered by you! For example, check out the Epic Fusion EX Handle and limbs which are budget-friendly, adjustable and solid. Ideal for beginner athletes!


Product Spotlight | Hori-Zone Bedlam

10 november 2022

For crossbow shooters looking for a compact crossbow that packs serious power, the Hori-Zone Bedlam is in the spotlight! Measuring just 8.25 inches while cocked, the Bedlam makes is feel like a breeze to move around in tight spaces.


Check the updated pricing and order today!

Monthly Product Update | March 2022

17 maart 2022

The Epsilon is the new premium drop-away rest from Hamskea. It features C.O.R. Mount Technology that positions the arrow at centre shot. It is one of the most compact Hamskea platforms to date and allows plenty of room on the bow for accessories such as bow quivers.

Fuse have introduced their new Alphastrike bowquivers that are extremely lightweight due to their minimalist carbon design. They feature GearLock quick-detach system for easy installation and have space for 5 arrows.

The PSE EVO XF are ready to amaze. The new EVO XF riser features the all-new PSE Guard-Lok system and a dovetail design to mount the QAD Integrate rest. The EVO XF has 3 cam type options (EC, E2 and S2) and 30 and 33-inch axle-to-axle lengths. Various bows are in stock now!

The STAN Xtinction 2 releases are on sale! They feature a wrist strap design and blend target grade performance and field grade simplicity into one release. We have a few left, which are offered with 15% discount now.

CBE have a new scope cover that is bigger than most, allowing the archer to cover their complete scope even when they have sunshades or other accessories. They are in stock and available now!


Warehouse Update | Week 4

28 januari 2022

We've had loads of big shipments come in over the past few weeks. We took large deliveries of Mathews, Bulldog Targets and many more suppliers at the JVD Archery headquarters, fulfilling numerous backorders. Now ready to ship! More large shipments are coming in soon, so be sure to keep an eye out for the next update.

A high-end portable target with lifetime warranty, what's not to like? Doghouse targets by Bulldog are restocked at JVD Archery now!

A micro adjustable bow vise that holds the bow rock-solid. The Bow Holder Vise Micro by RAM Products is just that and they are back on the shelves!

A complete hunting stabilizer kit at an attractive price point, that's the Hitman Hunting Stabilizer by Trophy Ridge. They are widely available at JVD at this very moment!

The new V3X 33 and V3X 29 from Mathews are in stock. We have taken a large delivery of their premium 2022 bows, which are now ready to ship!

Hoyt | Xceed

17 juni 2021

While the reduced number of tournaments over the last year means that the addition of Barebow World Records in World Archery didn't get the attention it might have done, this is a category with a lot of archers! Read below to learn what makes the Hoyt Xceed a great bow for archers in this growing market!


What makes the Xceed such a great barebow riser?

  • Several combinations of riser and limb lengths are available
  • The Xceed handle comes in 25" or 27" versions
  • Velos Limbs come in short (66) medium (68) Long (70) and Extra Long (73)
  • This means the archer can select an option that gives them the best tune and performance - especially for string walking.   
  • The Hoyt Xceed is designed to work with a selection of additional weight options which allow the archer to customise the bow for perfect balance and response
  • Add up to 32oz with the Barebow Kit and 50oz Barebow Kit Pro
  • For those not shooting under World Archery rules, there is also an option of limb pocket weights.