Beiter | Get a deal on one of their newest products!

4 augustus 2020

When Beiter release a new item you know it is going to make an impact. We are doing a special offer on products featuring their unique Beiter-Lock quick release design - order now to get 10% off. Offer ends 23rd Aug. 
Check out the
Beiter-Lock V-Bar for a complete v-bar with integrated Beiter Lock system quick release, or use the separate Lock-Adaptor Set to upgrade an existing side mount or v-bar.


Monthly Update | July

30 juli 2020

Parra Compound Case
Check out the new Compound Trolley Case from Parra. Strong, Lightweight and at an attractive price point the 937 case is packed with features to protect equipment from physical and environmental damage. Customizable foam insert means this is also suitable for recurve archers wanting space for multiple bows. 

Winners 2020 Items
A new shipment of Winners products arrived, including some of the new 2020 models. High quality, affordable and taking design and technology inspiration from Win&Win, the Winners product range is an essential addition to any product range catering to the beginner and intermediate target shooter.

Black Eagle Revelation
Are you a black Eagle Dealer yet? Black Eagle dealers can take advantage of a great offer on Black Eagle Revelation shafts. If you are not a dealer it's not too late! contact your account manager for more information about becoming a dealer or to take advantage of this offer.

Beiter .204 Nocks
Beiter Nocks are now available in the popular .204 size! With the full range of options - asymmetrical in 1 and 2 groove sizes for finger shooting, and Hunter for those using a D-loop. This gives a whole lot more options for many popular shafts from Black Eagle, Victory, Easton and GoldTip. 

Victory Archery
There is a recent shipment of Victory Archery in, including popular VAP and 3DHV shafts. Check out whats available now with great options for all types of archery available.

Shocq | Great Value Archery Essentials | Product news

30 juni 2020

Shocq make great value essentials for any archer. Take a look at their collection now. Including armguards, chestguards and bowstrings all at great prices. Now there are also some items on sale - their selection of beginner bows are on closeout - so take a look for discounts up to 40%!


Sure-Loc Sights | Now in Stock | Product news

19 juni 2020

We have the long awaited Sure-Loc sights now in stock! Get familiar with the models that make up Sure-Loc's return to the sight market, with target models for compound and recurve. Learn more below!


Adrenaline Recurve Sight

The Adrenaline is a recurve competition sight. The lightweight design features an aluminium extension, laser etched markings, and precision machined elevation bar. Right handed model in black now in stock.


Carbonic & Fury Compound Sights

There are two offerings for compound archers. Both are constructed with precision machined components, 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment, and laser etched markings. The Carbonic features an carbon extension bar while Fury model has an aluminium bar. Please note these models require an adaptor if used with scopes from other brands, or older model Sure-Loc scopes.


29mm and 35mm Scopes

Sure-Loc's new target scope is available in 29mm and 35mm sizes. Both sizes are now in stock. The scope is designed so pins can be mounted in 8 different positions, and all three pin sizes are included to make it easy to find the optimal combination. In addition to new Sure-Loc lenses, the scope also accepts discontinued Sure-Loc Falcon and Black Eagle lenses.


19 juni 2020

The first shipment of the Ultima RC Pro has arrived, and the most popular models are in stock! The Ultima RC Pro sights really bring something different with a range of unique design features for a unique shot experience.



19 juni 2020

There is a new shipment of Delta McKenzie training targets! With a selection of sizes and designs your customers can make an archery range anywhere and need never miss the chance to shoot some arrows. The latest 3D target was also delivered in this shipment and is sure to add a little mischief to any 3D course...