December Update

22 december 2020

SPOTLIGHT: Arrow Saw Revolution

The Last Chance Archery Revolution Arrow Saw reduces harmful and messy carbon dust, helping to protect your health, while also keeping your shop clean. This innovative new saw also enables you to de-burr the edge of the arrow shaft, clean the inside of the shaft with the brushes, and with the built-in arrow spinner, check the straightness of the shaft. 

NEW: Hamskea GEN2PRO

Stock up the GEN2PRO third axis level from Hamskea. This tool helps leveling the 1st, 2nd and 3rd axis on every sight. The Built-in string groove and circular turret level allow to quickly level your bow in a bow vise without the need to adjust your level.

NEW: BOWdometer unboxing and product review video

Last week we have made a new unboxing and product review video about the BOWdometer. Have you already seen it? Don't forget to hit the subscribe button to not miss out on future videos.

NEW: TopHat TGSX10 Tungsten Gold Series

We have added a new product to our assortment. The TopHat TGSX10 Tungsten Gold Series is the most precise Tungsten tip available on the market. Every single point is 100% analyzed for dimensional accuracy and weight tolerance.The TGSX10 is compatible on both X10 and X10 protour. 

NEW: WIN&WIN 2021 Line up

Win&Win added some new products including the all new Meta-DX handle. The new Meta-DX handle features the Nobel prize winning Graphene. This is the best carbon material of WIAWIS. The MXT-10 limbs are devolped to reduce unnecessary movement during the shot. The ILF limbs are available in a Foam and Wood version.

NEW SHIPMENT: White Feather

We just had a new shipment arrive from White Feather. This is a restock on various products including the White Feather horsebows. 


Win&Win 2021 release

1 december 2020

Win&Win added new products to their line-up including the all new Meta-DX handle. Check out the full 2021 line-up of Win&Win.

The new Meta-DX handle features the Nobel prize winning Graphene. This is the best carbon material of WIAWIS. Special steel has been inserted into the riser to assist the vibration reduction of the handle. The Mathews EHS dampening system has been introduced to improve the stability.

The MXT-10 limbs are devolped to reduce unnecessary movement during the shot. This gives a smoother shooting feeling. The ILF limbs are now available in the Foam version, with a graphene foam core, and Wood version.

There are 2 new colour options for the Wiawis ATF-X! This aluminium riser offers amazing stability and balance.

New Colours:

  • Black Gold 
  • Black Red

The design of the stabilizer minimizes the bow torque during shooting. The ACS-EL uses materials such as graphene carbon to improve the stiffness and stability of the rod.

Prime 2021 Hunting Launch

24 november 2020

Prime released a new series of hunting models as an addition to the 2021 line-up.

Faster cams and lighter cable splitters have made the Nexus series the fastest bow Prime ever made while maintaining their high standards. Besides the weight decreasing, the vibrations have been decreased by 50% compared to the prime black series.

Prime also developed a new hunting colour, Army Green, and two new target colours, Midnight Blue and Hammered Grey, available for the 2021 Nexus line.

Get to know all about the Nexus series check out all product details on our website.


NASA developed Aerogel technology to protect astronauts from extreme temperatures. The Aerogel creates an insulated barrier between the cold aluminium riser and the composite grip. It is a thin layer that wraps to cover 360 degrees around the riser to create a warm feeling on the grip, no matter the temperature. This technology helps for more accurate and consistent shooting by not having the need to wear bulky gloves or tapes to make an accurate shot.


Bowdometer Introduction

20 november 2020

We would like to inform you that we have added a new training tool to our assortment. The BOWdometer is an automatic shot counter and a consistency measurer in one tool.

The BOWdometer keeps track of every shot based on the vibration. The consistency scores give the archery direct feedback and shows the archer how consistent they have shot.


The BOWdometer comes with an universal mounting system. The mount is designed to work with a bolt or a self fastening strap. This mounting system can be placed anywhere on a non-moving part on the bow. The BOWdometer can be attached within seconds, on all bows such as crossbows, longbows, recurve bows and compound bows.


During the session, the BOWdometer will collect all the information of each shot. This information will be automatically sent to the synced app.

In the app it will display the shots and consistency insights from the practice sessions. In the app you will be able to compare every shot with each other.

The app can be downloaded in Google Play or the App Store.

Mathews 2021 Hunting models Release

17 november 2020

Mathews just released four new hunting bows for 2021 including a redesigned VXR. Meet the V3 (27 inch and 31 inch), Atlas and the Prima.  Get to know everything about the Mathews hunting 2021 line-up.

Stability is key to accuracy. Mathews took a strategic approach to their new riser design, which led to a platform that cuts weight while maximizing length and rigidity in critical areas. The V3 sports the longest riser to axle-to-axle ratio, Mathews has ever built. With the introduction of the new models, Mathews introduced all-new deflected limbs and past-parallel geometry, paired with a redesigned limb pocket which cuts weight while increasing performance and efficiency.

The Mathews V3, Atlas and Prima are expected in stock in 2021