New BOWdometer App

12 april 2021

It's time to take another look at BOWdometer! The BOWdometer is a product that really is for every archer, regardless of bow discipline or skill level - and it just got an upgrade with a brand new app.

There are also advantages for you as a dealer. Functioning as a "fitbit for the bow", automatic arrow counting can be used to encourage contact moments with you customer. Tell them to come back for a bow service after a certain number of shots, or guide them when it is time to replace their strings. 

Download the app from the App Store or from Google Play.


  • Suitable for all bow types and diciplines from crossbow to Olympic recurve.
  • Brand new app featuring increased functionality for even more insight.
  • Supporting training and sense of community - vital in these difficult times. 
  • Get information on your shot when you can't see a coach.

New Brand: Barnett Crossbows

7 april 2021

Crossbows are a growing market, so now is a great opportunity to broaden your product range to include Barnett! We just added their great selection of crossbows to our website. Learn the basics of what they offer below, or go to the product pages for more detailed product information.

  • Hyper SeriesThe Hyper series models are made for speed. All breaking the 400fps mark, these bows can be used with Hyperflite shafts - a .204 diameter that brings next level accuracy and penetration. With fantastic balance these bows are serious performers. 
  • Step through Series – The step through designs of crossbows in this series incorporate the stirrup into the riser - making them both lightweight and compact. This design makes it not only easy to handle during shooting but also when carrying for a long day in the field.
  • Compound Series – Classic compound style crossbows that offer durable and dependable performance but also great features such as Barnett's awesome TriggerTech design that gives amazing smooth action, precise control and features a silent safety. 

New Gillo Products

26 maart 2021

If you haven't checked out Gillo's innovative GT series then now is a great time to take a look. We now have all versions available in both Formula and ILF limb fittings - in risers options from 19" all the way up to a unique 29"! There are also new colours available for 2021. Read more below. 

The unique floating design of the GT pocket system allows for 30% poundage adjustment - more than on any other premium recurve handle. As a dealer, you can also switch out the pocket system entirely allowing your customers have their bow converted from ILF to formula fittings

Long risers offer a range of advantages. Providing increased mass, stability and a reduced string pinch that string walkers and the tallest archers love. Gillo's GT series offers an increadable 29" version. Paired with the GT pocket system this gives something not offered anywhere else. 

Great for olympic recurve or barebow, the GT 25 and GT 27 are both available in Formula or ILF limb options. Combine with Gillo's weight accessories for a customized balance. The quality anodized finish and ergonomic wooden handle make a bow that both shoots and looks great. 

Catering to all needs, the shortest risers in the range are ideal for smaller stature archers, or for a compact setup that is lightweight for field and hunting situations. 19 (ILF), 21 (Formula) and 23" options complete the assortment so any archer can find their perfect match in the GT product range.


Hoyt Xakt

25 maart 2021

While Hoyt are known for their Podium-topping reputation, it's not only the elite they make bows for. The complete range of recurves caters to customers at all stages of their archery career. 

The Xact recurve riser brings the Hoyt brand and design to a wider audience. At a much more accessable price point than their premium lineup this is a great first bow for Hoyt fans. Light weight design that is easy to handle for less experienced archers and available in left- and right handed models.


Set your customer up with a pair of Xakt limbs to go with the Xakt handle, or recommend Xakt limbs for archers who need some lighter limbs while they build up their training after lockdown! The performance will not disappoint, and almost all sizes are in stock. 

Monthly Product Update

24 maart 2021

The Prime Nexus 4 and Nexus 6 have arrived! Made in the 82X aluminium that Prime is known for, and with a new R2 cam, innovative gel grip and vibration killing design that cuts vibration in half compared to the Black Series line-up. 

For traditional archers looking for high quality wooden shafts, Superschaft is the answer. With a huge range of shaft types, straight or tapered and all made in a variety of high quality, locally sourced woods. 

A durable and versatile bow that can be used for beginners, recreational archers and archery games. The Snake Bow comes in bow only or package options. all made from a sturdy polymer that is lighter weight and tougher than wood. 

Familiar products with a small update - Beiter have new moulds for their famous pin nocks. Most shooters will notice no changes, with the 2021 version delivering the same great quality and performance Beiter are known for. Update your stock with the new version - or get a great deal on the old version while stocks last. 

For hunting, wildlife watching or security we got a new shipment of the Stealth Cam Stealth PX24CMOK Trail Camera. With high quality picture and video capture capabilities and six quick set options for easy use and fast setup. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Shrewd have decided to not go ahead with sales of the Shrewd MV2 Scope due to a legal dispute. This dispute in no way involves JVD Archery. Backorders have been cancelled and dealers with existing orders have been informed, however if you are still displaying this product on your web shop or social media please remove it as this product cannot be supplied. 



New Ragim Shipment

17 maart 2021

There has been a new shipment of Ragim - which means we have good stocks on some of your favourite models. Ragim bows are made in Europe and our assortment includes a range of longbowrecurve and horsebow models for everyone from beginner to expert. 

Mathews V3 Models Available

12 maart 2021

Make your customers happy with a hunting bow that is compact, accurate and extremely tunable - the Mathews V3 model is now in stock in both the 27 and 31 inch axle to axle modes! For full product details and availability check out the product pages.



The New Shibuya Ultima CP Pro

5 maart 2021

The new Shibuya Ultima CP Pro is here! We have first stocks of the 400-6A model so order now to be one of the first to have them in stock! 

Featuring the polygonal extension bar with amazing vibration eliminating effects, a new quick-detach front block for multiple scope setups, and many more great features. Check out our website for full product details.

IFAA Targets now available from JVD Products

15 februari 2021

When thinking of JVD Products most people think of our iconic target faces. These are now available for IFAA rounds! Take a look at the brand new collection below and see full specifications.


Win&Win 2021 release

1 december 2020

Win&Win added new products to their line-up including the all new Meta-DX handle. Check out the full 2021 line-up of Win&Win.

The new Meta-DX handle features the Nobel prize winning Graphene. This is the best carbon material of WIAWIS. Special steel has been inserted into the riser to assist the vibration reduction of the handle. The Mathews EHS dampening system has been introduced to improve the stability.

The MXT-10 limbs are devolped to reduce unnecessary movement during the shot. This gives a smoother shooting feeling. The ILF limbs are now available in the Foam version, with a graphene foam core, and Wood version.

There are 2 new colour options for the Wiawis ATF-X! This aluminium riser offers amazing stability and balance.

New Colours:

  • Black Gold 
  • Black Red

The design of the stabilizer minimizes the bow torque during shooting. The ACS-EL uses materials such as graphene carbon to improve the stiffness and stability of the rod.