Product Spotlight | B3 Trigger Releases

20 oktober 2021

A relative newcomer to the JVD product assortment, B3 Archery are a growing brand in the sight and release aid market. Here we showcase the complete handheld trigger assortment. Check them out below!

The Exit is a lock and load design that attaches simply to the d-loop with a push closure jaw. The aluminium handle comes in a three-finger option, with the Exit Pro featuring extra customisation with an adjustable angle handle.

The Omega line has a fit for every hand. All models feature a textured fishtail surface that increases grip while the forefinger ring ensures sure rotation where is needed. The standard model comes in brass or aluminium, or for when customization is key the Omega Pro includes a selection of interchangeable handles. Finally, the Omega Mini means there is also a perfect option for archers with smaller hands! All feature great quality, hardened steel internals for long-term reliability and performance.

The Versa Pro comes with a complete attachment pack with the full selection of handle options - giving a three or four finger option in one. These handles are adjustable across five positions for the perfect angle. Both models are available in aluminium or brass versions. Please note standard Versa model is special order only and comes with only the three-finger option.


Product Spotlight | Gillo GX 25

15 oktober 2021

The newest riser from Gillo - the new GX 25 is in stock now! Featuring Gillo's unique limb pocket technology which massively increases poundage adjustment, and a lighter riser weight than the groundbreaking GT series, the GX 25 is a perfect choice for archers with big ambitions who need a bow that can grow with them. Also compatible with a range of Gillo weight accessories. The GX 25 is widely customizable to an archers needs. 

A common challenge for archers who are developing their fitness and technique is the available poundage adjustment they have on their setup. Gillo's floating limb pocket design increases the adjustability of a set of limbs, to give up to 30% poundage adjustment - so with just one set of limbs, an archer can match different training needs. 

New Brady Signature Edition | Arizona Desert

13 oktober 2021

Brady's unique Formula Xi has made regular appearances on this year's world cup circuit and the unique colour option is now available not only for the Formula Xi but also Xceed, Arcos and Xact models! 

It's not only the colour that sets these models apart - each comes with a selection of collector's items and some unique Brady features with signature detail's that fans of Hoyt and this legendary archer will love. Find full details on the product pages


PSE Supra RTX | Launch

16 september 2021

When you think of a PSE target bow, the Supra series will be what first comes to mind. The chosen bow of many top target shooters, the new Supra RTX brings some interesting upgrades. Our first shipment is already in stock!

The redesigned riser is now stiffer for increased accuracy and consistency. The wider pocket and limb system gives increased torsional stability. For tuning there are also some new options - archers can fine-tune their stabilization thanks to the dual front stabilizer bushings, and the PTBS cable tuning system gives the option for yoke tuning.

The New PSE Supra RTX is available in 37" and 40" axle to axle options and comes in 5 anodized colour options: white, black, black cherry, platinum and navy blue. You can also choose for a SE or an EM cam. With all these options to choose from there will always be a bow that fits your customer's demands!


Brand Spotlight | White Feather Horsebows

10 september 2021

Horsebows are in the spotlight this week! These traditional Korean designs are very versatile bows ideal for archers who are looking for a traditional bow that is compact, lightweight and gives a super smooth shot. We're highlighting three models but don't forget to check out our website for the full Horsebow assortment!

The Forever Carbon Horsebow is a traditional Korean style bow with modern, high perfomance materials. Available in 48" and 53" options. 

The Fairy Horsebow has a sleek, black design with a lightweight carbon construction that gives impressive arrow speeds. Ambidextrous design with 50" AMO length. 

The Precious is one of the more compact models in the range at 48". Thanks to its super smooth shot this bow gives a great shooting experience.


Hoyt | Altus

2 september 2021

The Hoyt Altus is a great all-rounder that offers competitive performance and price. The Invicta might be the star of the Hoyt Target Compound lineup, but for archers who want the benefits of this great technology at a lower price point, the Altus is the perfect bow. The Altus comes in 5 powder-coated target colours and is ready to take the podium, no matter at what competition.

At its core, the Altus has a simpler looking riser that packs serious power. The bow measures in at 38 inch axle-to-axle to meet that sweet spot for target and 3D archery, and is enhanced with tunnels near the top and bottom of the riser for extra rigidity.

The grip on this bow has been perfected in width and angle to eliminate hand torque and increase consistency. 

With SVX and DCX versions, the Altus caters to different types of shooters. Whether your customer prefers a rock hard wall and high speeds, or a more forgiving cam with rotating modules: the Altus has got it.

Combined with the Hybrid EXT limbs, the Altus is available in draw weight options up to 70lbs, and arrow speeds up to 328 FPS.

The Altus features an Integrate Rest Mounting System which makes it compatible with QAD's UltraRest TRi Target rest. The rear stabilizer mounting point uses the Lockdown mounting system, that ensures zero movement, no matter how much weight is mounted on the stabilizer


  • 38 inch axle-to-axle
  • DCX and SVX cam options
  • Hybrid EXT limbs
  • Enhanced riser technology
  • Trusted FUSE string and cables
  • Factory speed rated at 328fps


Bear Archery Youth Bows

26 augustus 2021

Did you know Olympic gold medalist 2021 Mete Gazoz started archery at only three years old? Bear Archery has a range of starter and recreational bows perfect for inspiring the very youngest archers. We're featuring three of the models in the most recent delivery below, but head to our website to see the full range.

There has been a great restock on three popular models which you should get your hands on. The Bear Wizard package is ready to go recurve bow package including a finger tab, armguard, and arrow quiver that makes every child super enthusiastic to start shooting. The Valiant and Apprentice both come in attractive green and orange colours that kids love. These bows are suggested for youth between 4 and 10 years old.


August Product Update

20 augustus 2021

The Winners Delta NX risers are in the sale right now with 15% off. Act fast though - this offer ends September 15th. This great value anodized riser is the perfect option for the serious beginner archer looking for a lightweight, yet sturdy riser. Get your hands on them now before we run out! Offer does not apply to out of stock models.

The Fairweather Modulus Pro Shelf Plate is in the spotlight, and well deserved! It's a podium proven product, with a legendary name. This plate allows archers to upgrade their current Fairweather tab (both the original and the Modulus version), for the heavier feel in the hand that so many professionals prefer. 

SRT Targets are back on the shelves! SRT make some of the most realistic 3D targets on the market, so when these arrive in your store it's like being face to face with the real thing. Regardless if they are on a 3D course, the archery range or in your shop; these targets are sure to turn heads. Backorders will be ready for immediate delivery.

Looking for adjustability? Fivics has got you covered with the new Fivics Tenfix. Archers will be able to find the perfect fit with this tab and combined with high-quality cordovan and you have a champion-worthy finger tab. The signature of coach Kwon Yong-Hak shines proudly on the plate, as he has helped design this amazing finger tab. If you haven't seen it already, go check it out!

The high-performance Carbon Express Nano Pro X-Treme shafts are on sale, at 20% off! Designed for competitive recurve bows, these shafts feature RedZone technology for flex in the right places for the best tune. The incredibly small diameter eliminates cross wind drift. Most spines are still in stock, but be quick!

X-Bow | Launch

16 augustus 2021

The very popular compact crossbow pistol format has now gone compound with the new X-Bow FMA SupersonicX-Bow is new at JVD and focuses entirely on crossbows. After the great success of the Hori-Zone Redback pistol, we think the pistol compound variant of X-Bow will suit the customers very well. The compound pistol crossbow offers a performance upgrade and an entry point to the wide range of performance crossbows now on the market.

The Supersonic also provides loads of opportunities for upselling with an amazing array of accessories available. 
For example, a short or long picatiny rail slide can be mounted on the front to add additional accessories to the crossbow. This allows you to sell extra products with the X-Bow Supersonic.

To store and transport the crossbow completely safe, X-Bow has specially designed a crossbowbag. This contains two compartments through which the accessories of the crossbow itself can be separated.

The crossbow comes standard with:

  • 3x high impact 140 grain bolts - Additional bolts are available in Standard or High Impact versions. Bare shafts are also available for those who want to fully customize their experience.
  • Adjustable-angle foregrip - which gives a great range of options to ensure a stable and comfortable shooting platform.
  • Piccatiny rail - to mount additional accessories such as scopes.

Sebastien Flute | Launch

8 juli 2021

The name Sebastien Flute holds a special place in the hearts of a generation of archers. The great combination of quality, design and price made them a popular choice for over 12 years, with products for archers of all abilities. Now with a renewed product line, the Sebastien Flute brand is coming back to the market, ready to make an impression on the newest generation. 

A high-performance riser intended for serious archers and tested in the extremely competitive environment of the Korean team structure. The Ascent has proven it can meet the expectations of archers who demand the best.

Designed with a focus on stability and smooth shooting, with a vibration
killing pocket design, the ISO Pro bridges the gap between competitive
intermediate and top-level performer.

Shooting experience comes first with the EVO riser. The shape is chosen to deliver a great shot feel, that brings confidence to any archer.  The EVO features a quality anodized finish that gives a premium look.  

Available in a selection of attractive finishes the Neo is the entry model to the product range. Following the same design principles as the rest of the line-up, the Neo is a beginner bow that looks like a pro on the range. 

A full range of limbs is available. Made using high-quality carbon and foam materials for performance across price points. The Neo limbs come in a wood core version with fibre or foam options. All are available in a range of poundages to suit most archer's needs. 

Hoyt | Xceed

17 juni 2021

While the reduced number of tournaments over the last year means that the addition of Barebow World Records in World Archery didn't get the attention it might have done, this is a category with a lot of archers! Read below to learn what makes the Hoyt Xceed a great bow for archers in this growing market!


What makes the Xceed such a great barebow riser?

  • Several combinations of riser and limb lengths are available
  • The Xceed handle comes in 25" or 27" versions
  • Velos Limbs come in short (66) medium (68) Long (70) and Extra Long (73)
  • This means the archer can select an option that gives them the best tune and performance - especially for string walking.   
  • The Hoyt Xceed is designed to work with a selection of additional weight options which allow the archer to customise the bow for perfect balance and response
  • Add up to 32oz with the Barebow Kit and 50oz Barebow Kit Pro
  • For those not shooting under World Archery rules, there is also an option of limb pocket weights.



Win&Win 2021 release

1 december 2020

Win&Win added new products to their line-up including the all new Meta-DX handle. Check out the full 2021 line-up of Win&Win.

The new Meta-DX handle features the Nobel prize winning Graphene. This is the best carbon material of WIAWIS. Special steel has been inserted into the riser to assist the vibration reduction of the handle. The Mathews EHS dampening system has been introduced to improve the stability.

The MXT-10 limbs are devolped to reduce unnecessary movement during the shot. This gives a smoother shooting feeling. The ILF limbs are now available in the Foam version, with a graphene foam core, and Wood version.

There are 2 new colour options for the Wiawis ATF-X! This aluminium riser offers amazing stability and balance.

New Colours:

  • Black Gold 
  • Black Red

The design of the stabilizer minimizes the bow torque during shooting. The ACS-EL uses materials such as graphene carbon to improve the stiffness and stability of the rod.