Product Spotlight | Easton Avance

10 mei 2022

The Easton Avance and Avance Sport shafts are made to fit in the middle of the outdoor target archery market. Two options of straightness (and price) give both intermediate and novice archers a great choice. The Avance and Avance Sport are meant for outdoor target archery and are lighter than their predecessors (Carbon One and Apollo). They are available in a wide range of spines, ranging from 340 all the way to 2000.

Its light full-carbon construction allows for top-level performance benefiting the intermediate level target and field archer. They can be combined with 4mm sized pins and points, Microlite nocks and G-nocks.


Product Spotlight | Hoyt Invicta

5 mei 2022

Invicta is latin for 'undefeated'. That's exactly Hoyt's mission with the Hoyt Invicta bows: helping athletes to be undefeated. They are made for archers that want the best equipment for their competitions and is ready to take the podium. Various colours and configurations are back in stock now!

The Invicta platform offers two paths to the podium with the SVX and DCX cam systems catering to all competition archers regardless if they prefer smoothness or speed. They now come with a new Cerakote finish, ensuring colour consistency and durability.

We still have some 2020 versions of the Invicta, with the satin anodized finish. Head over to the website, before they are gone!

Product Spotlight | Black Eagle Outlaw

4 mei 2022

It's hard to find a durable 19 size shaft that's affordable. Black Eagle have gone above and beyond to create just that: the Black Eagle Outlaw . Built with superior carbon technology and designed for toughest 3D archers and hunters.

Find out more about these amazing arrows and order now!

The Outlaw is available as bare shafts or pre-fletched arrows. Spines range from 300 to 700. Whether your customer  shoots a compound and prefers Blazer vanes, or likes to keep it traditional on his recurve and wants feathers, the Outlaw offers options for all.

All variations come with nocks and inserts, ready to go.


Product Spotlight | Hori-Zone Premium Penetrator

28 april 2022

The Hori-Zone Premium Penetrator is a lightweight crossbow with an affordable price that can achieve 340+ fps! Focussed on the beginner segment of crossbow shooters, the Premium Penetrator is suitable for shooters that want to have fun in the backyard, who want to shoot long range and everything in between.

The Premium Penetrator is a very complete crossbow package and features picatinny rails to mount hundreds of aftermarket accessories.

Out of the box, the Premium Penetrator is ready to go and includes all neccessary parts such as arrows, scope, quiver and rope cocker.

Product Spotlight | Gillo GQ 25 L

28 april 2022

The Gillo GQ-25L might look like a simple riser, but packs some serious features. Designed for both recurve and barebow archers, the GQ-25L has a lot to offer. Head over to our website and order the Gillo GQ-25L right now!

These risers are machined out of a solid block of aluminium and have a matte sandblasted anodized surface. With the adjustable pockets and limb bolts, the GQ-25L can be tuned to perfection.

The center stabilizer bushing is places 1mm off from the axis of the riser, for perfect balance. The round slots at the bottom of the riser allow for attachment of special Gillo accessories such as 'The Hammers' barebow weights and 'UFO' v-bar mounts.


Closed for National Holidays

21 april 2022

We will be closed for National Holidays on the following dates:

  • 26 May
  • 6 June

Product Spotlight | Fuse Vectrix XT

12 april 2022

A high quality pin sight does not have to be complicated. Take a look the Fuse Vectrix XT! This awesome sight is micro adjustable on 2nd and 3rd axis, comes with a sight light and is available in a 3 or 5-pin configuration. See what the Fuse Vectrix XT has to offer!

The Fuse Vectrix XT is a perfect fit for the average archer looking for a quality pin sight. No unneccesary bells and whistles, yet still completely fitted with the features that matter:

- Easy and exact micro-click adjustment
- Machined aluminium construction
- .019 metal pins
- 3-stage sight light included
- 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments


Warehouse Update | Back on the Shelves Week 14

8 april 2022

The next products are back in stock: 

Product Spotlight | Hoyt Formula Xi 2022

31 maart 2022

Do you know what the 2021 World Cup Final and 2021 Olympic Games have in common? The gold medal for men's individual recurve were both taken by archers shooting the Hoyt Formula Xi! This extremely succesful riser has claimed countless medals and records, and it's not going to stop there.

The 2022 Formula Xi risers feature the new Cerakote finish. This polymer-ceramic compound makes sure the risers are more durable and more colour consistent.

The Formula Xi risers feature the Vertatune system. With the replaceable plates the height of the button and the arrow can be adjusted, to achieve that perfect tune. Now also available, is the Verta Tune Ultima in collaboration with Shibuya! The Verta Tune Ultima has a slot that perfectly fits the Shibuya Ultima arrow rest for optimal clearance.



28 maart 2022

It’s almost time… In the month of April, JVD Archery and BOWdometer are running the Achievement Challenge!

In this challenge, archers will use the BOWdometer device to log their training sessions and earn achievements. When they acquire all core badges, they are entered to win a prize package!

This is a chance for retailers to boost sales on BOWdometer. We have prepared some posters that you can use in your shop or online to bring attention to the product and what your customers can do with it!

Brand Spotlight | Rinehart New Shipment

21 maart 2022

There are only a few Rinehart shipments a year so if you want to stock up on portable targets, or if you know a 3D course that needs updating, now is the time to act!

If you want specific models for your stock place your backorders before March 31st, for expected delivery in early August. 

If you aren't worried about specific models, there is a shipment expected mid-April. Items expected in this shipment have expected arrival dates on the product pages. Check them out now


Product Spotlight | Ravin R500

18 maart 2022

The Ravin R500 is out of this world. With its 300lbs limbs and HexCoil cam system this crossbow shoots bolts downrange at 500 fps! The R500 is an overwhelming piece of technology that hunters and shooters dream of. They are in stock now, ready to be shipped! 

The Ravin R500 is extreme in many different ways. It has a 15 inch power stroke and measures only 3.6 inches when cocked, making it the most compact crossbow design ever. It utilises Ravin's new VersaDrive cocking system that eliminates overcocking and allows for safe cocking and uncocking at any point in the process.

The R500 crossbows come pre-tuned as a complete package, including 6 arrows and a 100-yard illuminated scope, and have built-in sling mounts  that are compatible with most slings.

Monthly Product Update | March 2022

17 maart 2022

The Epsilon is the new premium drop-away rest from Hamskea. It features C.O.R. Mount Technology that positions the arrow at centre shot. It is one of the most compact Hamskea platforms to date and allows plenty of room on the bow for accessories such as bow quivers.

Fuse have introduced their new Alphastrike bowquivers that are extremely lightweight due to their minimalist carbon design. They feature GearLock quick-detach system for easy installation and have space for 5 arrows.

The PSE EVO XF are ready to amaze. The new EVO XF riser features the all-new PSE Guard-Lok system and a dovetail design to mount the QAD Integrate rest. The EVO XF has 3 cam type options (EC, E2 and S2) and 30 and 33-inch axle-to-axle lengths. Various bows are in stock now!

The STAN Xtinction 2 releases are on sale! They feature a wrist strap design and blend target grade performance and field grade simplicity into one release. We have a few left, which are offered with 15% discount now.

CBE have a new scope cover that is bigger than most, allowing the archer to cover their complete scope even when they have sunshades or other accessories. They are in stock and available now!


Product Spotlight | Victory VXT

14 maart 2022

For those who want a premium target shaft but also want something special, there are the Victory VXT Shafts! These high quality shafts are 100% made of carbon and have a lot ot offer. Find out more below!

They come in three different types: Elite, Gamer and Sport. These three versions all have a weight tolerance of 0.5 grain, but feature different straightness tolerances, .001, .003 and .006 inch, making the VXT shafts more affordable for a broader range of archers.

The VXT shafts by Victory Archery have a parallel taper design for superior accuracy and higher FOC. The thinner tail section reduces wind drift and creates faster arrow recovery in flight.

The Victory VXT shafts come with pins and nocks included in the package, and can be combined with a range of Victory components to make the arrows fit perfectly to any archer.


1 maart 2022

There has been a new shipment of Ragim Matrix Evo risers and Matrix limbs. These bows are the perfect choice for beginners, recreational archers or archery clubs! Check out our stock and order now.

The Matrix handles and limbs are rocking a stealthy black look and are made of wood, with the limbs having a fiberglass core.

The 18, 20 and 24 inch handles have all neccesary mounting holes for stabilizers, sights and plungers, whereas the 15 inch handle can be used for off-the-shelf shooting.


Warehouse Update | Week 4

28 januari 2022

We've had loads of big shipments come in over the past few weeks. We took large deliveries of Mathews, Bulldog Targets and many more suppliers at the JVD Archery headquarters, fulfilling numerous backorders. Now ready to ship! More large shipments are coming in soon, so be sure to keep an eye out for the next update.

A high-end portable target with lifetime warranty, what's not to like? Doghouse targets by Bulldog are restocked at JVD Archery now!

A micro adjustable bow vise that holds the bow rock-solid. The Bow Holder Vise Micro by RAM Products is just that and they are back on the shelves!

A complete hunting stabilizer kit at an attractive price point, that's the Hitman Hunting Stabilizer by Trophy Ridge. They are widely available at JVD at this very moment!

The new V3X 33 and V3X 29 from Mathews are in stock. We have taken a large delivery of their premium 2022 bows, which are now ready to ship!

Hoyt | Xceed

17 juni 2021

While the reduced number of tournaments over the last year means that the addition of Barebow World Records in World Archery didn't get the attention it might have done, this is a category with a lot of archers! Read below to learn what makes the Hoyt Xceed a great bow for archers in this growing market!


What makes the Xceed such a great barebow riser?

  • Several combinations of riser and limb lengths are available
  • The Xceed handle comes in 25" or 27" versions
  • Velos Limbs come in short (66) medium (68) Long (70) and Extra Long (73)
  • This means the archer can select an option that gives them the best tune and performance - especially for string walking.   
  • The Hoyt Xceed is designed to work with a selection of additional weight options which allow the archer to customise the bow for perfect balance and response
  • Add up to 32oz with the Barebow Kit and 50oz Barebow Kit Pro
  • For those not shooting under World Archery rules, there is also an option of limb pocket weights.