Monthly Update | October

21 oktober 2020

New | Mathews TRX 2021 models

Mathews has released four new target bows for 2021 including two new models the TRX34 and TRX38-G2 and two  improved- TRX36 and TRX40. Get to know everything about the Mathews TRX 2021 lineup models.


Special deals | Ragim

Have you seen the special deals on the selected Ragim products? A selection of longbows, horsebows, fieldbows and limbs are now available with nice discounts ranging up to 20% off. If you haven't seen your mail, check it out!


Spotlight | AAE Tab Elite

The Elite Tab is used by most top competitors due to its versatile arrangement. The Elite Tab is equipped with a brass plate for a heavy feel in the hand. The top leather is made of Cordovan which has the best combination of durability and feel. Replaceable faces and backing are now available.   


New | PSE Citation 40

Did you see the new PSE Citation 40? A shipment is already on its way to JVD, you can now order the new PSE Citation 40.

PSE has really listened to the shooters and developed a brand new Target Bow. The new Citation has one of the stiffest risers PSE has ever made. Check out the full specs on our website.


New | Hori-zone crossbows

A new member of the Kornet family has been added. With some further improvements of the other members, the Kornet Maxx has a draw weight of 210 lbs and an arrow speed of 425 fps.

Hori-Zone paid special attention to the width of the Bedlam. With an axle to axle of 12,25" uncocked and 8,25" cocked, it is one of the most compact crossbows ever made. Get to know more about the new Hori-Zone crossbows on our website.


Spotlight | Black Eagle Intrepid

These pre-fletched Black Eagle Intrepid are ideal for beginning archers. They have a great value for money and available in a wide range of spines suitable for many archers. The Intrepid comes pre-fletched in quality 3" feather vanes, with small groove nocks installed and adjustable weight point for tuning.

The stock has just been replenished so be quick on ordering.


Spotlight | WIAWIS One limbs

WIAWIS One limbs combine advanced manufacturing technology and Flaxpreg, eco-friendly natural materials. Carbon fiber has been added for better strength in the limbs and greater vibration absorption. Now running with a 25% discount.


Restock | Bear Cruzer G2

Meet the Bear Cruzer G2. This maximum-versatility bow is engineered for all ages and skill levels, from adults to adolescents and from serious hunters to first time archers. The Cruzer G-2 features an adjustable design allowing the draw weight to shift between 5 and 70 pounds and draw lengths between 12 and 30 inches.


Monthly Update | September

17 september 2020

Fivics rest | Nock-Out

Stock up your Fivics arrow rests. The Fivics rests are available in three amazing colours. The rests are designed to optimize the performance of arrows with out-nocks. They maintain excellent performance while preventing the arrows from dropping of the rest.


Strele covers | Native American

Because of his thick and soft suede construction this Strele Native American style cover is ideal for protecting your long- or flatbow from scratches. The cover is made from fully natural leather and is good for the 58-62"bows.


Spotlight | Infitec Chestguard

There has been a restock on the popular Infitec chestguard. With its breathable mesh material and its adjustable strap, this chestguard is super comfortable to use.  
It's extra strong due to its double layered mesh construction. Now available in three awesome colours: black, blue and red.


Zniper tabs | Restock

The Zniper tab is one the most versatile tab for the barebow archer. The Zniper Tab offers the option to adjust the number and position of the grip marks and when needed to change them. The tab is made out of high quality kangaroo leather which offers a good grip on the finger. All the spare parts for the Zniper Tab are now available.


Monthly Deal | SF Archery

Did you check out our Monthly Deal already? A selection of products - limbs, sights, arm guards - of SF Archery now comes with high discounts

There is 50% off on the SF Archery Premium+ limbs and 70% off on the Elite stabilizers and accessoires. If you haven't seen your other mail, check it out!


White Feather | Covers

A nice discount of 50% off now runs on the White Feather frost covers. The covers are build to protect your bow of any scratches. Now available for long- and recurve bows.




8 september 2020

During the challenging times without international tournaments, the love for the sport will keep us united! Archery means a lot to everyone in the industry; archers, dealers, suppliers, distributors. Together #WeAreArchery!

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